Grecanico restaurant located in Via Polemo near the sports ground, 500 metres from the historic centre, with indoor and outdoor seating. In the restaurant there is a huge fireplace, typical genuine and seasonal cuisine cell. 3467159100

"KalosJero"reataurant located just before arriving in Bova with indoor and outdoor seating, panoramic terrace and games for children. Calabrian Greek cuisine and pizzeria cell. 3663582213

Agriturismo "O Uranò tu Vua-Il Cielo di Bova" located in contrada Milì 3 kilometres from Bova on the old provincial road, inside an old oil mill with indoor and outdoor seating is nestled in the countryside among the olive trees . Calabrian Greek cuisine and pizzeria cell. 3297162661

Al Borgo" Restaurant/Macelleria/Typical products sale. Located in the historic centre, it is a small family-run restaurant with indoor and outdoor seating and typical local cuisine cell. 3389006739

Rotisserie/Pizzeria takeaway "La lestopitta" . Located in the old town centre, above the Locomotiva, with outdoor seating and typical cuisine. Unique in the preparation of "Lestopitta "cell. 3492658552

Enoteca/Degusteria , located in the old town centre opposite the Locomotiva with indoor and outdoor seating and typical aperitifs with local wine produced by the Cantina Sociale di Bova cell. 3478786594

Restaurant La Taverna di Bova, located in the historic centre opposite the Post Office with outdoor and indoor seating and a wood-burning oven. Pizzeria and typical cuisine cell. Cell 3409120521- 3401216375

Bellavista Restaurant. Situated 5 km from the historical centre of Bova on the provincial road Bova-Bova Marina, it has indoor seating and serves typical cuisine. . Cell. 3481754551


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