The beaches

Calabria, with its 800 km of coastline, attracts more and more tourists every year. The morphology of the Calabrian coastline, from the finest sand to the cliffs, the numerous free beaches, and the uncontaminated and wild coastline, offer many opportunities for bathing. A holiday by the sea in Calabria offers many opportunities to choose from, where the combination of crystal-clear sea, seaside villages, unspoilt beaches, and proximity to mountain ranges takes on a unique aspect in the whole of Italy. The beaches of the Grecanica area are on the Ionian Sea and face Sicily, from which they are separated by the Strait of Sicily. the panorama on the horizon, as for the villages, is Mount Etna, They are mostly free beaches, close to the railway, and close to the coastal centre and services, easily accessible and little frequented, ideal for those seeking peace, tranquillity and contact with nature.

Brancaleone Marina beach represents the ideal environment for turtle nesting, as it is one of the most regular and productive nesting sites for Caretta Caretta. The Brancaleone Sea Turtle Recovery Centre monitors nesting sites, recovers and cares for accidentally captured specimens also through summer weeks dedicated to juveniles. Moreover, with the involvement of fishermen, it conducts experimentation and the application of low-impact fishing systems.

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