A park to discover

The village of Bova is perched on the slopes of Aspromonte, in the Province of Reggio Calabria. The natural environment in which it is located is affected by three landscape systems of great interest: the Aspromonte National Park (of which Bova is a 'visitor centre'), the Anthropic Park of the fiumara Amendolea, whose watercourse has generated, over the centuries, the major physical-structural modifications of the morphological system of the Grecanica Area, and finally the Coastal Belt, as this is visible from the natural panoramic terrace on which Bova is situated.

The fact that the municipal territory falls almost entirely within the Aspromonte National Park created in 1994 and recognised in 2021 as belonging to the Unesco Global Geoparks network, has allowed the diffusion of initiatives and tourist services aimed at the discovery of natural resources, biodiversity and geology, aimed at the diffusion and knowledge but also at the valorisation for tourist purposes of the rich environmental heritage.

In fact, the municipality's territory, characterised by riverside scrubland and hilly habitats, is located in one of the most important bird migration channels, particularly that of honey buzzards, brown kites and storks. There is also a Special Protection Area for birds (SPA) and protected and endangered species of fauna such as the wolf, wild cat and Bonelli's eagle, as well as an important endowment and diversification of flora: fir-beech, larch pine and loricate pine associations.

As far as the rural habitat is concerned, the area offers various resources linked to the presence of the torrents, such as the presence of ancient watermills and oil mills used to process agricultural products, often deteriorated by time and of which the ruins remain.

The landscape, in addition to the centuries-old olive groves and vineyards, is particularly suggestive in spring for the blossoming of the broom and wild broom, whose fibre was once used for the textile production of blankets, the so-called 'broom blankets'.

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