Customised experiences

Whoever wants to get to know Greek Calabria is certainly driven by a cultural and naturalistic interest, but above all human, because it is a little-known area, complicated to reach, with decent but humble services... In short, in Greek Calabria and in Bova one must decide to come, one rarely happens there by chance...

Bova, which is one of Italy's Most Beautiful Villages and an Orange Flag, succeeds in capturing the visitor's imagination with its atmospheres of other times. A mediaeval village with unexplored places, streets rebuilt in local stone, churches and noble palaces that have been completely renovated, climbing up the lanes leading to the remains of the Castle and Norman tower. Its strategic position allows visitors to easily reach some of the ancient villages of the Grecanica Area (Palizzi, Staiti, Roghudi, Roccaforte del Greco, Pentedattilo, Gallicianò, Bagaladi...), the pinewoods with monumental trees of the Aspromonte Park, the Archaeological Park of Bova Marina "Archeoderi", the Riace Bronzes in Reggio Calabria, the Epizefiri excavations in Locri, the 'monumental city' of Gerace.... There are numerous excursions offered by the Aspromonte National Park, which in 2021 joined the UNESCO World Network of Geoparks. They can be done independently or accompanied by official Park Guides/AIGAE Guides.

In a globalised world where everything seems to be made from a mould, one is often in search of unspoilt territories, where the feeling is that time has stood still. One is also often in search of ancient ways of life, recounted by one's grandparents or handed down from generation to generation. But also of scents, and of landscapes that with their colours and infinite horizon allow the mind to wander, and thoughts to flow.

Kalòs Experience can construct personalised experiences based on the needs of the client and the period chosen to stay in Greek Calabria. Greek Calabria can in fact be known and experienced according to one's curiosity, physical strength and interests. The landscapes are varied, ranging from hilly to mountainous, and the trails can be easy, but also difficult, whether on foot or by bicycle, with car/bike approaches or stopovers in the various villages.

Ancient villages, such as Bova, make the visitor feel part of a micro community, where people greet and share thoughts, stories, but also a good glass of wine or a coffee. This is why the experiences are unique, because they arouse feelings and memories, and those who leave take something precious with them, something that will make them happier.

Kalòs Experience wants to accompany the visitor on a personal journey to get to know a culture that has been forgotten and opposed for so many years. It wants to allow the visitor to form an opinion on the difficulties of southern Italy, starting from the microcosm of the Grecian area, so that on his return his stories will be free of clichés, of those stereotypical definitions that the collective imagination has built up about Calabria.

Lev Tolstoy wrote that "If you tell your journey well will speak to the whole world..." .

Kalòs esperience wants to make this happen, giving the Greeks of Calabria the opportunity to inspire visitors to tell their own journey and thus make known the beauty of Greek Calabria and its people so that it will never again be forgotten.

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